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Beyond Burnout

My next book will be self-published.  It’s called “Beyond Burnout”.  Currently, it is being edited and proof read.  When it is released, I will place links here, so that you can buy it.

Here’s what “Beyond Burnout” is about…

Burnout lays waste to thousands, if not millions, of otherwise diligent, productive and caring individuals.  The damage it wreaks on their lives and bodies has not, until very recently, been studied in detail, but there is now growing evidence of how negative psychological stress, over a sustained period of time, begins to break down key life processes in the body and in the mind, foreshortening lifespan by an alarming amount and causing every waking (and usually sleeping) hour to be utterly miserable.

Burnout is not a condition of unknown origin.  It is inflicted, sometimes deliberately, but often negligently.

I believe that this is the first book that combines practical self-help for sufferers, but also identifies the real root causes of burnout and calls for societal change in the way burnout is recognised, regarded and treated.  Most books blame the victim.

It outlines the physiological and neurological damage inflicted on burnout victims, at a cellular level, by those that psychologically injure them.  Burnout is not the trivialised condition it is commonly perceived to be.  It’s the result of a serious, sustained, often cynically calculated, psychological assault, resulting in actual bodily harm.  In fact, it’s a killer, the victims die young, but the killers get away with it.

The book shows the burnout victim what to do to recognise the symptoms, recover and avoid relapse, showing the physiological and neurological pathways to healing what is a genuine, physical affliction, caused by other people’s psychological violence.

Uncomfortable aspects of burnout, which are seldom discussed in the media or in other titles, are confronted in this book.  Burnout can strike down anyone, not just those considered to be meek and weak.  Beyond how you feel, this book describes the ways in which your body has been physically changed by burnout and how the two are directly related, as recent medical research has begun to discover.

For families living with a burnout victim, whether diagnosed or unrecognised, this book provides insight into the inner life of somebody afflicted and begins to explain the seemingly mystifying behaviours of those trying to survive, cope and recover.  Understanding leads to support.

Above all, the message to readers is that burnout isn’t their fault or their problem to deal with alone.  They can heal themselves, but the real causes need more societal action, in the form of revised laws, liability insurance exclusions and employment protections.  Plausible denial has previously protected the perpetrators from culpability, but denial is no longer plausible.

This book is empowering for those caught in burnout.

Beyond Burnout – Contents

  1. Beyond Burnout
  2. What Is Burnout?
  3. Symptoms of Burnout
  4. How Can You Tell If You’re Burnt Out?
  5. What They Don’t Tell You About Burnout
  6. Coping With Burnout
  7. Recovering From Burnout
  8. Avoiding Burnout
  9. Putting It All Together
  10. Resources

Sample Chapter

A sample chapter, from Beyond Burnout, can be downloaded as a PDF file, here.

Beyond Burnout Ch 1 Sample

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I have other books in the works.  As I finish them, I will post details about them here.

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